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Georgia is well suited for car travel. The roads are well-maintained and the markings and signpost make it easy to find your way around. From Tbilisi, you can reach most cities like Mthketa, Gori, Rustavi and Signagi within an hour’s drive. Kutaisi and Borjomi take about two hour Getting to Batumi and Zugdidi showed about […]
Georgia is easily accessible by train from various neighboring countries. The train from Baku(Azerbaijan) or Yerevan(Armenia) will get you to Tbilisi quickly and comfortably. You can book your tickets online, by telephone or through your local travel agent. Kutaisi Central Station and Tbilisi Central Station are the main arrival and transfer station for local routes. […]
Tbilisi International Airport Direct flights to Tbilisi are available from Batumi and Kutaisi, as well as from many European and Asian cities. Non-stop flights can be taken from Amsterdam, Munich, Riga, Vienna, Paris, Warsaw, Istanbul, Dubai, Tel-Aviv, Baku, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Minsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Alma-Ata, Aktau, Urumqi, Doha, Erbil, Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah, Sharm el-Sheikh, Sharjah and Najaf. […]
















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